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New upgrade will keep your levels and game progress!

BlasterBall 3 is a fresh new spin on the classic series that's sold millions worldwide—and now you can personalize the game! The all-new Level Editor lets you design your own levels! Let the stress slip away and relax as your ball bounces from paddle to brick clearing cool eloquent formations.

Then break your way though mesmerizing patterns of colorful bricks with gorgeous rotating backgrounds as you collect 24 unique items along the way - some helpful, some not. Remember that bricks aren't the only thing you'll need to contend with ... roaming enemies will attempt to deflect your ball, fearsome level guardians will bar your way, and secret levels are just waiting to be found!

BlasterBall 3 is the most highly customizable edition yet! Got a favorite song? Load up your own MP3's and build your own soundtracks! Why wait? Play today and burst into FUN!



Blast your way through 200 levels!

Create your own levels!

Listen to your own mp3’s while playing the game!

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