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Why won't Blasterball 3 play my iTunes or Windows Media files?
  Blasterball 3 allows you to listen to .mp3 files from your computer. Other music formats are not supported in the game.  
How do I get out of full-screen?
  Hit the ESC key on your keyboard to bring up the options menu which allows you to switch to windowed mode.  
This game R0x0rs! How do I share my levels?
  It's easy! Just go to More Levels, select your level and click on Submit. This will take you through the login process and allows you to get that level out there for the world to see!  
I got a notice that my level has inappropriate content. What does that mean?
  First off, thank you for submitting your level to the community. BlasterBall 3™ and WildTangent are committed to providing the best family friendly game content on the web, or anywhere else! Each level that is submitted is reviewed by our customer service team--we are looking for things like levels that include copyrighted images, profanity, or offensive content. If you have more questions, please see our main customer support page: http://support.wildgames.com/  

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